Important Notice

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, WE ARE UNABLE to accept (take-in) animals from the general public.

If you are looking to rehome a dog we are currently full. We have a $300 surrender fee and require photos and the dog’s weight and temperament  to be submitted when we do have openings. 
To rehome a cat we need an emailed photo, age and describe whether wild or tame to info@beaumontpetsalive.org
Other available options:

Have you posted on For the Love of Animals in SETX? There are a lot of local rescuers on this Facebook page who may be able to assist. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1684155595197936/

Have you submitted a surrender form to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas yet? If not, you can do so at https://www.humanesocietyofsoutheasttexas.org/surrender/

Your contribution will make a huge difference to help us to continue our work and achieve success.