About Us

Our Mission

Beaumont Pets Alive is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works on the local and regional levels to improve the health of animals as part of the “One Health” initiative. By contributing to the overall health of Beaumont, we plan to continue helping the city to educate and provide resources for all of Southeast Texas to elevate animal welfare as an important part of the “One Health” initiative. One Health recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the interactions between people, animals, plants, and our environment.


Beaumont Pets Alive was founded in 2018 to assist in the rescue and transport of homeless animals at Beaumont Animal Care. One of our primary goals was to assist the City of Beaumont’s municipal shelter, Beaumont Animal Care, achieve a “No-Kill” designation. Beaumont Pets Alive has saved a total of 3043 animals since inception and has been a great part of helping the city shelter achieve no-kill status. “No-Kill” is defined as a 90% “live release rate” — meaning that nine of every 10 animals admitted into the city shelter leaves the city alive.

Because of our partnership with the city, the Trap, Neuter & Release program was launched. It has reduced the feral cat population significantly. Beaumont Pets Alive has assisted the homeless with pet food and spaying/veterinary care for pets. Beaumont Pets Alive has worked with the Jefferson County emergency planning commission and assisted with the pets of those individuals who needed to evacuate. Currently, our primary service is to save animals that have no other option, whether they are ill and need veterinary care or behavioral instruction. We have a transport vehicle and have made multiple trips to Washington state and Massachusetts. We partner with other transports and Petco or Petsmart stores for adoption.

Your contribution will make a huge difference to help us to continue our work and achieve success.