Hearts 2 Homes Transport Program

Our Transport Program, Hearts 2 Homes, is the fastest-growing life-saving program in Beaumont Pets Alive’s toolbox and saved over 3000+ pets to date!

Beaumont Pets Alive transports dogs and cats to rescue partners in other states in the Pacific Northwest and Canada that don’t have the pet overpopulation problems that exist in Southeast Texas. We are saving the lives of dogs and cats slated for euthanasia at the Beaumont city shelter. These animals often end up in our city shelter due to the lack of homes in our local community but find forever homes in other areas. Rather than these animals taking their last breath at the city shelter, they are given opportunities for new hope, new homes, and new families.

Our transport program operates within best practice guidelines for rescue transportation. Beaumont Pets Alive carefully selects our rescue partners and only sends animals who meet guidelines set by the receiving shelters, all of which are registered nonprofits. Animals transported are assessed medically and behaviorally.

You can help us send a bus of wagging tails to happier trails. Please sponsor a dog or cat today!

Host a transport animal in your home for a very short time: 1-3 weeks (or even just a few days!) by letting them sleep over at your house for a few nights. You save TWO lives! The one you take home and the one who takes it place at the shelter! To find out more about fostering a transport animal, please email transport@beaumontpetsalive.org.

If you are interested in Saving Lives Through Transport, please email us at transport@beaumontpetsalive.org

Your contribution will make a huge difference to help us to continue our work and achieve success.